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Hi everyone and welcome to Hunterdon’s most trusted weather source. For those that do not know my name is Bryan Lauber and I’ve been a life long resident in the Hunterdon County. I continue to pursue my dream of one day becoming a meteorologist. Up to this point I have self-taught myself everything I know and all forecasts/products are my own.

Hunterdon County Weather was created in an attempt to teach the general public about the weather while focusing on an area too often ignored by bigger markets. My theory is that if the public is informed of all of the variables that go into making a forecast and follow along in the forecasting process that they can understand why some storm don’t materialize and become “busts”. Despite all of the advances in technology, Mother Nature this finds a way to throw a curve ball.

Since its debut, Hunterdon County Weather has covered countless severe weather outbreaks, several snowstorms and even Hurricane Sandy. During the winter months I take an approach that is a bit different from other where I will not post any model generated snow maps. More often than not they tend to cause an unnecessary amount of hysteria because they’re used for guidance to help with a forecast… not a forecast in itself.

I take great pride in this page and do my best to present information in a professional and timely manner. All I ask in return is for viewers to be courteous to others and please have patience when I post information. I am one person working two full time jobs outside of this (also I don’t get paid for this). So please have a heart! Thank you and welcome aboard!


Bryan Lauber

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